1) Works with multi valve
2) Syrup tanks require CO2 to function
3) 1 to 2 hours of time waste to mix the syrup daily.
4) Complicated to operate and maintain
5) Looks simple and regular design
6) Cannot get chilled water
7) Large size than exclusive model form 14 to 20 flavours
8)10+2 can make 10 carbonated and 2 non carbonated
9) Not so comfortable to make mock tails
10) No LCD screen
11) You need space for syrup tanks separately and may
      need to take them out and put them in daily
12) Valves require maintenance
1) Works with Dual valve
2) Syrup tanks doesn’t require CO2 to function, no CO2
3) You have to just fill the concentrate container. No need mix it.
4) Easy to operate and maintain compared to ordinary
5) Attractive bottle shape design.
6) Chilled water or plain soda can be dispensed
7) Compact size even for 20 flavours,20 flavours machine      size is similar to 10 flavours of ordinary model.
8)10 flavours can make 10 carbonated, 10 non     carbonated and 10 hot flavoured teas
9) Can make mock tails easily as it is from single valve
10) LCD screen can be provided.
11) No such requirement as you don’t have syrup tanks.
12) Zero maintenance valves