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The flavors we offer include both synthetic and natural flavors which are suitable for every kind of soda pop or soda vending machines etc. The taste and aroma of the soda is greatly enhanced by the flavors and fragrances present in them. With greater experimentation and taste for the exotic, the demand for these soda machine kiosk has increased to a great extent. We develop new ideas and taste sensations for the food industry. Our flavors are manufactured from the finest ingredients for all kinds of soda dispenser machines. We bring together an international spectrum of innovation, expertise and a lasting tradition of quality and service for our soda fountain machine machine spares. we create aromas that kindle taste buds across many continents. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in every area of our business – using knowledge, creativity, innovation and technology to provide our customers with impeccable soda making machine and unparallel service. Our ingredients and finished seasoning blends are constantly monitored to assure uniformity and consistency.

We are proud of saying that our company has grown in leaps and bounds in manufacturing and supplying of soda stream machine and soda flavors, thanks to our valuable customers who encourage us all the time and who always have enjoyed full satisfaction with our Automatic soda machine. . We focus on constant research and manufacturing system which is customer oriented can deliver you unique and innovative soda machines. The customer is able to select from a wide range of forms and concentrates, the one that is most suitable for mini soda machine. Having been in this industry of soda splash machine manufacturing and soda flavors  for over three decades we know the in and out of the industry and have learnt to evolve and change in keeping with the times. Our research teams are constantly harnessing the unexplored secrets of nature in pursuit of new and exiting flavours to kindle the appetite. All of our flavors are available in liquid (water or oil soluble) or dry form. Here are just some of the Flavors that we offer for soda fountain machines.