1. What kind of returns can I expect from the business?
It has been our experience that franchisees that follow the right practice have been successful. The margins are very good and you can recover your investments in only 4 – 5 months.

2. I own a store, which I am using to sell other products. Can I continue to sell these products if I convert the store onto Soda Hunt Franchise?
Yes, you can sell any other product in your soda hunt store.

3. Can the equipment/consumables/ingredients, as required be bought from any local supplier as per your specifications?
No, purchases of all equipment /consumables /equipments of soda making machines have to be from Coolex industries or its approved suppliers.

4. What is the royalty or commission to be paid to Coolex industries?
There is no royalty or commission to be paid for soda hunt machine.

5. How many employees are needed for running Soda fountain machies?
Manpower required for a Soda hunt franchise is 2 or 3 depending up on the no of glasses sold.

6. Will the interior work be done by company or the franchisee?
Interior work for soda machine will be done by company i.e. coolex industries pvt.ltd