Are you planning to set up your own business with soda fountian machine suppliers and earn high return with low investment? We require area-wise distributors for marketing our soda fountain machine. Those who are having zeal to do the business, having good public relations, financially sound back ground, here is a golden opportunity and can earn good returns within short period of time. We are the perfect business partners for you because with low investment you can get higher returns. For more Information just contact us and get the full fledge details.

Coolex industries offer individuals/companies exclusive area development rights for our soda hunt machines. The individuals can sell sub franchisees in the specified area on behalf of Coolex industries. As Coolex industries being the original manufacturer for the soda fountain machines we have constant R &D, which helps in boasting the product, time to time.Coolex industries offers full knowledge and training on the products.
.With exclusive rights you can develop business in many ways like
*Open your own outlets as a monopoly.
*Selling franchisees who want to start up the kiosk in the shopping centre.
*Sell machines to existing business food / mobile kiosks
*Rent the machines on the events
And more…